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Rabies back in the news

By May 2, 2018 May 6th, 2018 Blog post

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is going on the offensive this summer, with plans to air drop or place by hand over 1.2 million raccoon bait vaccines in an effort to eliminate the virus.

In 2016 there were close to 200 cases of rabies, although that number declined last year. The ministry will also be setting traps in Hamilton and Burlington for raccoons and skunks. Those caught will be vaccinated and released.

So far this year, 13 animals have tested positive for rabies.

Pet owners are reminded that in most parts of Ontario, cats and dogs must be vaccinated for rabies as soon as they are 3 months old and the vaccines must be kept up-to-date for their entire life.

To read more about the Ministry’s rabies initiative, go to

To find out more about protecting your pets, give Gagemount Animal Hospital a call at 905-389-7387.