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  • Oct 27 2018

    Thank you!

    Gagemount Animal Hospital was just named the Hamilton Spectator Readers’ Choice Awards’ best veterinary clinic in Hamilton. And I was just named the contest’s Best Veterinarian. Both awards are thanks to…

  • Sep 23 2018

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    Microchip saves the day

    At the clinic this week we had a happy ending to what could have been a tragic story. One of Gagemount’s kind-hearted clients was driving along Highway 6 in Hamilton…

  • Jun 06 2018

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    A lost pet?

    Having your cat or dog wander away from home is a traumatic experience. Your first reaction will be to put up posters in your neighbourhood and the surrounding vicinity, which…

  • May 06 2018

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    Ticks are back and on the attack

    Despite the cold weather, ticks are already being seen in Hamilton. At Gagemount Animal Hospital, we have already had clients bring in their pets with ticks attached. What people don’t…

  • May 02 2018

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    Rabies back in the news

    The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is going on the offensive this summer, with plans to air drop or place by hand over 1.2 million raccoon bait vaccines in an…

  • Jan 20 2018

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    Beware the antifreeze

    BEWARE THE DANGER ANTIFREEZE POSES TO PETS! Winter is definitely here – and along with it, bitterly cold temperatures. That means that many of our pets will have increased exposure…

  • Sep 10 2017

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    An added benefit to owning a dog

    People who walk their dog at least once a day get 20% more physical activity than people without dogs. Regular exercise has well-known benefits for health and longevity. People who…

  • Sep 03 2017

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    Bat rabies found in Hamilton

    Hamilton Public Health reported last week the first positive rabid bat in the city this year. Hamilton currently has an outbreak of rabies, mainly in raccoons and skunks, with 260…

  • Aug 03 2017

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    New hope for allergic dogs

    There is a new drug available to help dogs suffering from allergic dermatitis. Many of these dogs will show signs such as itchiness and be licking their paws constantly. A…

  • Jun 16 2017

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    Leave your pets at home

    People love their pets, and their pets love them right back. So, it is understandable that you want to have them with you all the time. However, every summer tragedy…