Covid Protocol Update

We are fully open, however, we still require masks to be worn during your visit.

  • Our rigorous cleaning and masking protocols are ongoing. Clients will be required to wear a medical-grade mask, which we will happily provide if need be. 
  • At this time, we can also allow people to come in for medication and food pickups, but we still ask that you call ahead of time to place your order as we are still terribly busy and lots of backorders are in play.
  • Please remember that our staff is working extra hard during this time to make sure that your pets are receiving the proper care we all know they deserve.
  • Please be patient and understanding and know that we cannot control when medication and food go on backorder.
  • Just like in human medicine it is always best to call and order before you run out.
  • Hope everyone stays safe and healthy and please remember to be kind to one another.

~The Team at Gagemount Animal Hospital